Goldman v. Gagnard

The Gagnards built a house in Los Altos, California, then sold the home to Goldman in January, 2004. Since then, Goldman has sued the Gagnards and those involved with the construction and sale of the house in various tribunals. In 2011, Goldman registered a foreign arbitral award in Illinois. She then sought citations to discover and collect assets. The district court issued denied reconsideration motions and granted a turnover order. After filing an appeal, the Gagnards paid $1.3 million to Goldman in satisfaction of the judgment. Goldman accepted the payment, and refunded money she had collected in excess of the judgment balance. The district discharged all pending citations and allowed the Gagnards to file a counterclaim against Goldman, claiming unjust enrichment, but subsequently dismissed the counter-complaint. The Seventh Circuit affirmed, based on the failure, by the Gagnards to act in a timely manner. View "Goldman v. Gagnard" on Justia Law