Miller v. Town of Wenham, Mass.

When Plaintiff observed that a company named 110, Inc. was operating a substance abuse treatment facility next door to his residence, he argued that the Town of Wenham’s unilateral, non-public approval of 110, Inc.’s use was unlawful. Plaintiff filed a complaint in state court, alleging four causes of action. The Town removed the case to federal court. The district court subsequently granted the Town’s motion to dismiss some of Plaintiff’s claims. The court concluded that the complaint failed to state a claim under 42 U.S.C. 1983 for the deprivation of property without due process and that Plaintiff’s declaratory judgment claim had been rendered moot. The First Circuit (1) affirmed the dismissal of Plaintiff’s federal claim, holding that Plaintiff was not deprived of any constitutionally protected property interest without due process of law; (2) vacated the district court’s determination that one state law claim was moot; and (3) otherwise affirmed the remand of the remaining state law claim to state court. View "Miller v. Town of Wenham, Mass." on Justia Law