Security Investor Fund v. Crumb

In 2005, Brian Crumb, Frankie McFeron-Crumb, and Marian Crumb joined together with Richard Abbey and Keri Ann Abbey to form Abbey & Crumb Developments, LLC, for the purpose of developing an eighteen-lot subdivision near Post Falls, Idaho. Sometime in 2006, the LLC caused a road to be constructed, which was to serve as the entrance for the subdivision (the entrance road). The road was built on Brian and Frankie Crumb’s land abutting the subdivision and, once constructed, was the only drivable road in and out of the subdivision. In September 2006, the Crumbs withdrew from the LLC. Shortly thereafter, the LLC defaulted on a loan from Security Investor Fund, LLC, and Security Financial Fund, LLC (collectively “Security”). Security then accepted deeds in lieu of foreclosure from the LLC and became an owner of certain lots within the subdivision. At some point in 2017, Brian Crumb took the position that certain subdivision lot owners did not have a right to use the entrance road on his adjoining property, as no applicable easements had ever been recorded. Security then sued in an effort to establish an easement to use the entrance road. The district court granted summary judgment to Brian Crumb and entered judgment in his favor dismissing Security’s complaint. Security appealed. The Idaho Supreme Court affirmed the district court’s grant of summary judgment to Crumb, and its denial of attorney fees to Crumb. View "Security Investor Fund v. Crumb" on Justia Law